Heidi Heitkamp, a former Democratic Senator from North Dakota, made some inflaming remarks during her attendance at Bill Maher’s HBO show.

A former Senator, who lost from Republican Kevin Cramer in 2018, described The Mandalorian star Gina Carano as '’a Nazi who hangs out with white supremacists.’’

The host disagreed with Heitkamp’s remarks, ironically saying that everyone must be a Nazi at the moment.

Yet, the former Senator remained firm, adding that she may experience denigration after making statements against Carano.

Defending Carano, Maher pointed out that the definition of terms such as '’white supremacist’’ has significantly changed in recent times.

Heitkamp did not give in.

She said that there is a need for careful use of the term, pointing to an alleged attack Republicans prepare against President Biden, in which they will criticize cancel culture and express extremism she characterized as '’Dr. Suess stuff’‘, referring to the famous children author who published some racially controversial books (at least according to leftist media).

The audience welcomed Heitkamp’s tirade with applause that was, in all likelihood, partially sincere and partially ironical.

It did not take long for Gina Carano to respond to the labels she received from the former North Dakota Senator.

In a social media post, the actress wrote that Heitkamp’s remarks announce another phase of dehumanization perpetrated by cancel culture.

Carano described former North Dakota Senator’s words as lies that are being reiterated until people accept them as truth, adding that Heitkamp was correct in predicting that her participation in Maher’s show would receive backlash.

A cancel culture victim

Gina Carano has already felt the consequences of the rising cancel culture trends in Hollywood on her skin.

She was reportedly fired from Disney because she defended freedom of speech for conservative-leaning individuals.

In her Instagram post, Carano compared those who wish to block right-leaning political views to Nazis who prosecuted Jews at every corner.

Carano pointed out that, just like Nazis wanted those who live near Jews’ to humiliate their neighbors, the current establishment aims at turning people against those whose opinion does not fit with theirs.

Following her leaving from Disney, Carano announced that she would produce and act in a movie sponsored by conservative outlet Daily Wire.

The film is set to be available only for Daily Wire subscribers.

Carano expressed her joy that she has an opportunity to collaborate with the outlet that enabled her to work freely.