Although the plan that Biden’s administration presented is to have every adult in the USA vaccinated by the end of May, the COVID19 pandemic is still going strong, and many individuals and businesses are still struggling.

With that in mind, stimulus checks play a vital role in financially supporting the citizens that have lost their jobs or have reduced income due to the ongoing crisis.

While the latest financial aid was issued just over a week ago, an influential group of legislators asked Biden’s administration to consider the possibility of periodic checks in the upcoming months and until the COVID19 pandemic is successfully put under control.

Payments for all but white Americans!?

According to a Newsweek report, sixty-four legislators gathered up to propose recurring stimulus payments.

Among them are fifty-two representatives, including Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from the State of Minnesota, who wrote a letter on the importance of COVID19 financial aid for non-white citizens and permanent residents.

As Ilhan Omar suggested through her Twitter post, Americans of color are having a rougher time during this humanitarian crisis due to higher mortality and infection rates among these groups.

So, what more does the proposal letter suggest, apart racist remarks?

Well, according to the legislators, the people at the bottom of the economic ladder would receive a recurring payment of $2,000 every month until the COVID19 crisis is over.

Although this could result in the US national debt temporarily surging, they suggest that it is the only way to put the situation under control in the short term.

According to signatories, a waiting period of eight months is too long, and most families can’t meet their basic needs without a system that would work by recurring (monthly) stimulus payments.

Cori Bush from the State of Missouri, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, and Jamie Raskin from Maryland, hope that the administration and Congress will make a rational decision and accept their proposal.

Letter requesting more than a $1,400 American rescue plan payment

Senators of the Democratic Party, similar to aforementioned group, suggested that the single rescue play payment isn’t going to help people for more than a month or two.

They referred to a survey from a few days ago in which more than 65% Americans suggested that they can’t last with $1,400 for 90 days as presumed by the American Rescue Plan.

Thus, Senators including Cory Booker of New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Ron Wyden of Oregon remain hopeful that monthly financial aid will become a reality in the near future.