When Donald Trump was president, it was clear that his instincts were not jingoistic. To him, if the military was to be used at all, it was to be used to swiftly and efficiently accomplish its objectives and then return back home.

He wanted to minimize the needless waste of trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives that accompanies American foreign policy. He understood that America’s endless wars, both in the Middle East and in other places, make certain military contractors very rich and make the foreign policy establishment very powerful but accomplish absolutely nothing of value for the American people.

That’s why Trump insisted on going into Syria, swiftly eliminating ISIS and then leaving the country alone. It’s also why he fought mightily — if ultimately unsuccessfully — against the military industrial complex to end the pointless war in Afghanistan.

But now that Biden and his internationalist and globalist foreign policy cronies are back in power, things have returned to business as usual. Not only has ISIS been magically resurrected, but they have returned to killing Christians and bragging about it.

The Foreign Policy Establishment Is Back

ISIS originally emerged on Obama’s watch. This happened because after the Bush Administration toppled Saddam Hussein and destabilized Iraq, the door was left open for terrorist organizations to sweep over the area.

Even worse, when Obama was in power, he attempted to orchestrate the downfall of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad. He did this by covertly arming various terrorist groups while claiming that they were “rebels” against the Assad government. These are the people who eventually became ISIS.

In other words, the whole plan to orchestrate regime change in Syria backfired horribly. The result was ISIS, an insane and backward organization that killed Christians, homosexuals, women and anyone else who disagreed with them.

Trump did the decent thing and wiped these people out quickly, but now that Biden is president, ISIS has returned. Recently, they have killed “dozens of Christians and Mozambicans” and are bragging about it.

Why is it that all of these globalist foreign policy escapades always end in such unmitigated disaster? Why are they always sold to people using lies and propaganda? And why are the horrible results of each military intervention always used to justify the next one?

One answer that suggests itself is that this is what the bipartisan foreign policy establishment in D.C. actually wants. If America ever intervened in a country in a way that didn’t arm or fund terrorist groups or that didn’t completely destabilize societies, there would be nothing for that foreign policy establishment to do.

In a world where there is peace, security and stability, globalist foreign policy organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations would not be needed. But if terrorists happen to be running amok in places like Iraq or Syria — even if these are terrorists that globalists like Obama or Biden themselves funded and armed — the foreign policy establishment can always use that chaos as an excuse to carry out their next military intervention, pass around more money and weapons contracts, and wield more power.

That, alas, is how the game has been played. And now that Biden is president, it is being played that way again.