Dozens of Antifa members took part in riots organized in front of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, Oregon.

The event took place on Sunday and primarily consisted of attacking and damaging passing vehicles.

In doing so, protesters threw paint cans and rocks.

Wearing vests, the militants were also carrying equipment such as bats, shields, and guns.

One of the documented incidents involved the destruction of a car windshield by a tree branch, endangering the female passenger in the vehicle.

Another violent outburst included the smashing of the pickup truck window.

The most striking was probably the situation in which a car driver stopped to assess the damage incurred while the rioters kept destroying his vehicle.

Some Antifa social media users reportedly even boasted about the demolition of car windows, sharing tweets they later deleted.

Many occurrences of violent behavior were documented by passengers who shared videos of the event on social media.

One man even managed to pull out a gun, thus forcing many protesters to retreat.

The rioters reportedly called the police which, after arriving shortly, found out that the man possessed a valid gun license.

Witnesses testified that the man showed cooperation during the inspection.

An epilogue

The protests already lasted for several hours before Oregon police officers arrived at the scene.

After an intense clash with Antifa rioters, the police arrested a total of four Antifa militants, all in the age range between 18 and 34.

Soon after, the first charges were issued.

Andrew Alan Foy, a 34-year-old Antifa rioter, received two charges: one with second-degree disorderly conduct and another with second-degree criminal trespass.

William Lloyd Isham, also 34, was charged with interfering with the police officer.

33-year-old Nathan McFarland was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, like Foy.

Finally, Anthony Villaneda, the youngest arrested rioters of only 18, was charged with five counts of laser pointing.

The recent protests from Salem are just one among many that occurred over the last months.

The riots intensified after the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd in May 2020.

Most participants are followers of far-left ideas about society while some of them, such as the most radical members of the Antifa movement, are especially prone to violent behavior.