New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has decided to declare that, somehow, referring to the ongoing immigration crisis at the U.S. Southern border as a “surge” is a sign of white supremacism.

How does she know this? On what basis does she say this?

Who knows? She’s clearly making this up out of whole cloth, and she’s doing so because she knows that no one in the media will hold her to account for it.

When you can get away with lying in the way that she can, then self-interest and political calculation dictate that there’s no reason not to lie.

AOC Makes Stuff Up

When Donald Trump was president, AOC couldn’t get enough of criticizing him over “keeping children in cages.”

At every moment, she tried hammering Trump over the fact that thousands of migrants attempted to cross the Southern U.S. border illegally and that ICE did not have the facilities required to process or care for them all.

She even went so far as to stage a fake photo op where she wistfully looked through a fence at what the Trump administration was allegedly doing to these poor children. Zooming out from the photo showed that there were no children on the other side of the fence and that the whole image was prearranged.

Now, as fate would have it, precisely the same thing is happening under the Biden administration as happened under Trump.

Naturally, people have been pressuring AOC to comment on this situation, and so, while on Instagram on Tuesday, March 30, she finally did.

She said, “Anyone who’s using the term ‘surge’ around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame and that’s a problem because this is not a surge.” She also referred to this idea as—what else?—“a white supremacist idea.”

The only person making associations like this is AOC herself. The word “surge” is just as applicable to describing water moving through pipes or electricity moving across power lines as it is in describing people coming across the border in large numbers. That word has more uses than just a military one. Are plumbers and electricians “white supremacists,” too?

AOC is the one who is obsessed with race, not those who worry about the border crisis. She cannot understand anything about reality except through the lens of race, and she projects her obsession onto people she doesn’t like.

Watching AOC hunt around for alleged racist “dog whistles” everywhere, even—or perhaps especially—when there is no evidence whatsoever that they exist would be amusing if people who think as she does did not have power. But they do.

Race-obsessed progressives like AOC are akin to the inquisitors and witch-hunters of Renaissance-era Europe, who insisted that there were always marks that revealed who was truly a witch and who was not.

If no revealing marks were found on the bodies of those who were accused of witchcraft, the witch-hunters simply pivoted to saying that the marks were invisible.

Similarly, progressives who can’t find any direct evidence that someone who disagrees with them is a “white supremacist” simply announce that they have magical insight into people’s minds that allows them to “know” which people are “dog-whistling.”

There is no reasoning with such people.