Among the many immigrants who have made up the recent massive surge at the Southern U.S. border have been quite a few children.

When this was the case under Trump’s presidency, the media never gave anyone a rest from hearing stories about children being maltreated and kept in cages. Now that the very same thing is happening under Biden’s watch, what people have been hearing from the media is worse than nothing. The media has, in fact, attempted to shame people who have been complaining about this very real and legitimate problem.

Biden effectively encouraged illegals to come to the U.S. while still running for president. His rhetoric was of a blatantly open-borders type. He made it seem like the U.S. had essentially infinite resources and could accept endless numbers of people.

Not only is this not the case, but Biden’s rhetoric has directly caused a humanitarian disaster. To cross into the U.S., many migrants from Central America have to pay smugglers who work for drug cartels and are referred to as “coyotes” to help them make it to America. The average cost of this per person is about $3,200.

But given how poor Central American countries are, these people almost certainly don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank, which they can use to pay for these “services.” Instead, they have no choice but to indenture themselves to drug cartels—assuming, that is, that they aren’t raped or killed along the way here, which many, unfortunately, are.

But amid all of this misery, there have been small bits of human decency that have shined through.

On the night of Tuesday, March 30, two toddlers were dropped over a 14-foot-high fence and likely left to fend for themselves by coyotes. The following day, however, Border Patrol agents at the New Mexico border rescued them.

Border Patrol Saves Little Kids

Using some sort of camera, a Border Patrol agent in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, saw human traffickers dropping children from the top of a 14-foot-high border fence. This was quickly reported to Border Patrol, and agents were dispatched to retrieve the children.

The children were two sisters from Ecuador, ages 3 and 5. Agents brought the kids to the Santa Teresa Border Patrol Station and had medical professionals evaluate them. They were then taken to a local hospital out of an abundance of caution.

What this incident reveals is that the leftist politicians who are cheering on this border surge frankly do not care about the nonwhite migrants at the border here. They simply see them as cattle who must be imported into the country by any means necessary so that they can then vote for Democrats and ensure the Democratic Party’s political domination.

If it were otherwise, Democratic lawmakers and media talking heads would be up in arms about this. Essentially none of them are, however. Instead, they are busy pretending that this crisis doesn’t exist and shaming anyone who refers to this crisis as a crisis.