President Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has proposed that people be charged for every mile that they drive. His proposal equates to a “white supremacist” tax because it would affect minorities and lower-income families disproportionately. These are the individuals who have been forced from cities to suburbs and beyond because of increased living costs in urban cores. Therefore, they have to drive more miles than rich, white people who can still afford to live in the cities.

Why Buttigieg’s Idea Should Not Be Passed

Many have told Buttigieg that his plan to raise more money for the nation’s infrastructure is a bad idea. After all, the people who live in the suburbs and smaller outlying communities will have to pay the one or two pennies per mile driven at a higher rate than those living in the city.

Those who are high enough in their careers that they can efficiently work from home may not even have to pay this tax at all.

Higher Gas Prices Under Biden

Currently, federal gasoline taxes fund improvements to the nation’s infrastructure. Consumers pay 18.4 cents on every gallon of gas they buy and 24.4 cents on every gallon of diesel. Those living in suburbs and outlying areas already are paying steeply higher prices for gasoline and diesel than they did on the day that President Biden was put into office. When Biden was elected, the average gas price was at $2.29 per gallon while the average gas prices on April 1, 2021, were $2.85 per gallon.

Taxes Passed On to Consumers

If Buttigieg’s proposal were to pass, you could expect to see higher prices in stores on every item you buy because companies would have to pass those costs on to consumers. For example, the average U.S. meal is trucked 1,500 miles, so companies would have to pass on about $1.50 per meal.