The Babylon Bee has once again pulled off the epic April Fools’ Day story when they published a piece on how CNN read a news piece without any editorializing, irrelevant facts to confuse listeners, or other embellishments.

Anonymous Sources

According to the Babylon Bee, an anonymous New York man says he felt duped when he heard the story until he realized today’s date. It is possible that the unnamed source could be Chris Cuomo.

Babylon Bee’s March 31 Piece

This story is not the first time that the Babylon Bee has satirized a piece reported on by CNN. On March 31, 2021, they published an article called “Parents Disguising Kids As Illegal Immigrants So They Can Receive In-Person Teaching” after the network reported on Biden’s plan to provide in-person instruction to illegal immigrants after denying it to students legally in the United States, including those born here.

The Tale of St. April O’Fool

The Babylon Bee also published a story titled “Sad: Day of Remembrance for St. April O’Fool Reduced to a Day of Pranks” in their Christian Living section. This story goes on to describe the overwhelming feeling of sadness as the world pulls pranks on each other when they should recall the brutal martyrdom of St. April O’Fool in 723 A.D. This story describes how many pranks were pulled on April O’Fool before he decided to enter a monastery because monks do not like pranks. After many years in the monastery and teaching others in Ireland not to pull pranks, he finally returns home. Opening the door to his family’s home, a bucket of water falls on him and instantly kills him. His brothers felt horrible, but commercial entities went on to sell bundles using April O’Fool’s likeness.