The world was shocked by the story of a family being thrown off a plane because their two-year-old child was not wearing a mask while eating.

A couple and their two sons were forced to leave the Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida, to Atlantic City, New Jersey, after the flight attendant saw the couple’s 2-year-old son eating without a COVID-19 protective mask covering his face!

The male flight attendant approached the family and told them that the company could not tolerate non-compliance with its rules and because of that, he would have to kick the entire family out of the plane.

The event was captured by a video widely shared on Twitter and other social media.

The parents were seen wearing a mask for most of the video duration, with the father taking it off during an argument with the attendant.

The video shows passengers from the neighboring seats telling the attendant that the child was wearing a mask before having a meal.

They pointed out that other children on the plane were not wearing masks at times but were not sanctioned, however, the attendant threatened that he would call the police.

Eventually, the entire family had to leave the plane, including another son who is 7-years-old and has special needs.

Other passengers were de-boarded as well.

An unexpected outcome

The police arrived in the meantime, and after a relatively brief inspection and investigation, the passengers were allowed to come back to the flight.

Quite surprisingly, the flight attendant ended up leaving the flight.

Even though Spirit Airlines announced that a ‘slight crew change’ occurred, many commentators on social media suspected that the attendant was removed from the flight because of his behavior that proved to be detrimental to the company’s reputation.

However, Spirit Airlines quickly issued a public statement in which it defended the behavior of its employee.

The company said that the attendant acted according to the federal mask mandate and the company’s policy that put safety at the highest priority level.

Spirit Airlines described the decision to de-board the entire flight as a standard procedure that would not have happened if the family agreed to leave on their own.

The event sparked much controversy among social media users who vehemently defended their views on the issue.

It raised some crucial questions about individual liberties and the strictness of some policies.