Couple From Indiana Forced to Change Wedding Plans Due to Family Illness

Due to unforeseen family circumstances, a couple from Indiana decided to rework all of their wedding plans. Jared and Shelby Schweikhart-Conville had been planning a beautiful wedding in the fall of 2020 when they received disheartening news about a beloved member. The news changed the entire trajectory of their wedding plans.

Devastating Testicular Cancer Diagnosis for Bride’s Father

In December 2019, Shelby’s father Steven was diagnosed with a recurrence of testicular cancer. After successfully beating the disease twice, Steven had to deal with the third diagnosis. In addition, he received the terrible news that the cancer had spread to his lungs. His doctors decided to aggressively treat the cancer, immediately starting a round of chemotherapy in the hopes of killing off the disease.

Bleak Prognosis

Sadly, it was not long before Steven’s body began to weaken. Shelby knew that his days were numbered as she was forced to stand by and watch his body deteriorate. As somebody who had always been close to her family, the process was difficult to watch. However, Shelby was determined to make sure that her father was there when she took her vows.

Impromptu Wedding in ICU

It was then that the couple made the decision to push up their wedding by 10 months. What is most impressive is that the family was able to pull off the impromptu hospital wedding with less than 30 minutes of notice. The ICU at the St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville, Indiana was the site of the nuptials.

The hospital wedding was not what Shelby had envisioned for her big day. However, it was still nothing short of amazing.