Major League Baseball (MLB), one of the oldest American baseball associations responsible for the organization of the game across the country, announced that the 2021 All-Star Game would be hosted by Colorado Rockies on their playground in Denver.

The game is reportedly going to be played on July 13th on Coors Field in Denver.

Many commentators characterized the decision as controversial given that the game was previously intended to occur in Atlanta, Georgia.

Insiders suggest that MLB changed the game location to gain the favor of the Democratic Party leadership, pointing out that, as opposed to Georgia, Colorado has recently elected the government from the Democratic party.

Infuriated by the decision, Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp described MLB’s decision as being based on deception and fear toward the Democrats.

Voting law as a motive

The deception Governor Kemp had in mind is related to the recently introduced election law in Georgia.

Many Republicans believe that the decision to relocate the All-Star game was made to ‘‘punish’’ Georgia for enacting a law that goes against the interests of the Democratic Party.

Namely, Georgia’s government and Congress have recently introduced legislation that included some crucial changes to the way the election process would be held.

The new legislation required that voters possess identification documents with personal photographs.

The Georgia law also set some limits on absentee voting.

It also mandated the possession of U.S. citizenship proof to vote in the state and eliminated the automatization of mail-in ballots.

None of these features is present in the voting law of Colorado and some other states led by Democrats.

Governor Kemp described the new law as a balance between the expansion of voting opportunities and the protection of each vote.

Yet, Democrats remained firm in their characterization of the new law as a burden that would prevent many people from exercising their voting rights.

Given the fact that MLB promptly reacted to Democratic backlash against the law, many commentators described the baseball association as too biased for an organization of its kind.

Some even pointed to MLB’s business ties with China and Cuba, criticizing it because of the authoritarian nature of these countries.