When Tim Davidson’s family told him that he had 60 days to vacate the family’s Florida vacation home where he lived, he knew that it was time to make some changes. He had the money to buy a traditional home, but all the wasted space bothered him.

Choosing Minimalistic Lifestyle

Soon, Tim realized that he was ready to reduce his earthly possessions and start living a minimalistic lifestyle. After all, he had always been drawn to owning fewer things than his peers. He also knew that research showed that living a minimalistic lifestyle was good for the mind as it freed it to think more creatively.

Purchases First Tiny House

Tim purchased a 270-foot tiny house. Despite the home’s small size, it contained two lofts, a full bathtub and a functional kitchen.

Tim mainly fell in love with the home because of its stained glass light fixtures and windows, which reminded him of his Dad, a stained glass artist.

Buys Private Island

Tim set out to solve where to park the home that he called Tiffany after the famous Tiffany stained glass windows. He learned on the internet that a tiny island located three miles from Siesta Key Beach was for sale. Bravely, Tim went and knocked on the owner’s door. Soon, he paid $200,000 for the private island.

Upgrades to Octagon Tiny Home

After moving Tiffany to the island, he realized that she might not stand up to a hurricane. Soon, he purchased another tiny octagon-shaped home. This home’s shape is designed to send winds right by it while its roof can withstand wind gusts for the next 50 years.

While Tim would love to brag about living on his private island, he would prefer to show you as he has opened several Airbnb properties on the island to experience the lifestyle for yourself.