Reality TV star Mama June Shannon of Mama June: Road to Redemption has opened up about having lymphedema and lipedema. She says that she was surprised by the diagnosis when she went to have her chin worked on by a plastic surgeon who identified the illness. She says that if she does not receive help for the conditions soon, she could be dead within six months.

Noticeable Changes in Body

Already her left leg is over 13 inches bigger than her right one. Her left arm is 28 inches long while her right one is only 21 inches long. According to Mayo Clinic, lymphedema is a condition causing swelling in one or more of a person’s limbs. The lymphatic immune system causes the swelling as lymph fluid builds up in the body.

No Known Cure for Lymphedema

Doctors do not have a cure for this condition, but people who suffer from it can take steps to stop or slow down its progression. When a person is in Stage 3, then soft-tissue fibrosis usually occurs.

Diagnosed With Incurable Lipidemia

Lipidemia is a condition where lipids build up in the bloodstream. It can lead to an increased risk of a heart attack. It is usually generic, but there is no word if doctors have tested Momma June’s children or if they also have the disease. Doctors at Stanford University say that there is no cure for lipidemia, but eating a healthy diet can help.

Urges Women to Seek Further Testing

Mama June says that she was lucky to connect with the plastic surgeon who correctly diagnosed her condition. She urges all women who have been told that they have cellulitis to seek further testing.

Admitting that you need a walker and learning to use it correctly can be challenging for any person. Yet, many fans have greeted this news with criticism that Mama June has not taken better care of her health.