A special kind of joy and anticipation usually accompanies the receipt of a package.

Especially of late, after COVID-19, we’ve been putting tremendous faith in our delivery drivers to get countless packages to exactly where they need to be each and every day.

But though the vast majority of such deliveries happen without any incident, a few go terribly. Some botched deliveries are annoying, others are hilarious and still, others are downright bizarre.

Here are a few delivery drivers who just couldn’t manage to do their jobs.

Pool Bash

One DHL driver was apparently so overburdened with summer heat that he decided to bring one family much more than just the package they ordered. Instead of just making his delivery, he forgot to put his delivery van in park and crashed the van straight into their pool.

Hiding Games

Some delivery drivers get understandably bored over the course of a long day. Some of those who do, however, decide to amuse themselves by playing tricks on those to whom they’re delivering packages.

One driver decided to make his delivery but leave the package lodged in an obscure overhead corner above the porch. No doubt, the customer must have been very confused when he received a notification that his package had been delivered but couldn’t find it anywhere on his porch!

Camouflaging Gone Right

Unfortunately, there’s been a disturbing trend of people stealing packages that have been left on the intended recipient’s front porches.

One clever and proactive UPS driver, seeking to avoid all risk of this happening, instead took the brown package that he brought over, left it in a bush where it was surrounded by wood and leaves and rendered almost invisible, and left a little note for the recipient saying, “Package inside bush.”

Camouflaging Gone Wrong

Another delivery driver, however, was not nearly as enterprising and creative as the last one. He delivered a large, long package, and instead of taking a few steps to try and conceal it or prevent it from being stolen, simply draped the customer’s brown welcome mat over it.

The problem? The mat wasn’t nearly large enough to cover the package, and the whole display ended up looking ridiculous.

A Delivery Driver Who Can’t Read

Sometimes, you may need to leave a note for the delivery driver to let him know you’re home. Otherwise, he might leave you a note, bring your package to the post office and cause you a bunch of unnecessary hassle.

One family left the clearest note possible. It simply said:

“UPS Man,

We are home. Please knock loudly.


Mr. Mrs. Currier”

And yet, somehow, the driver still left the Currier’s a missed delivery notice! Was this some kind of sick joke?