It has not always been an easy road for EJ Johnson, the son of former basketball superstar Magic Johnson. Living in the spotlight because of his famous father was never what it was cracked up to be.

This spotlight became even more difficult when TMZ caught EJ out in public holding hands with his boyfriend. This was clearly not an easy way to reveal your sexual orientation to the public for the first time. EJ was only 20 years old when his secret was shared with the world.

Magic’s Initial Reaction

EJ shared that his dad’s initial reaction to his sexuality was disappointing. He said that Magic’s first reaction was shock and disbelief, followed by disappointment in his son’s big news. As one might expect, EJ was hurt that this father did not embrace his true self.

True Reason for Response

Magic later revealed the reason for his negative response to EJ’s news. Over the years, Magic transitioned from his role of basketball megastar to advocate of HIV/AIDS awareness. Following his own diagnosis, Magic used his status as a celebrity to break down the negative stigmas associated with the disease.

It was because of this experience that Magic wanted to protect his son from the stigma of being gay. Magic said that he simply wanted to protect his son.

Magic Makes it Right with EJ

The bottom line is that Magic eventually made it right with his son. The pair now share a special relationship with Magic being one of EJ’s biggest fans. EJ is a star in his own right, boasting over 700,000 Instagram followers who appreciate his unique style and fashion sense.