Several days ago, a group of police and health officers tried to stop the Passover service at a church in Calgary, Canada.

The attempt came in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions that prevent public gatherings.

The event was filmed in a viral video of an inflamed pastor protesting against the interruption of his service.

Artur Pawlowski, a Canadian pastor of Polish origin, compared the police officers and health officials who tried to close his service to totalitarian troops of Gestapo, well-known secret police that operated in Nazi Germany.

In a video, he also compared the Canadian authorities with communists who ruled in eastern Europe in the second half of the 20th century.

The pastor was filmed saying that the history repeats, eventually telling the officers to go away and come with a warrant next time.

In The Daily Caller interview, Pawlowski further elaborated on his behavior, explaining that the event reminded him of his youth in Poland, where many priests were murdered during the oppressive communist rule.

The pastor complained that officers were not willing to listen to him until he protested numerous times.

He described the event as another instance of continuous harassment he has been experiencing over the years.

Pawlowski said that, even during the medieval period, soldiers refrained from entering the church, lamenting that the church is now treated no differently than a restaurant.

The pastor concluded that he has no fear of the COVID-19 disease as he has hope that prayers and God would help him preventing it.

The reaction from the police

The church video was widely shared on social media, causing many people to show support for the pastor.

Yet, the Calgary police department issued a statement expressing worries about lack of adherence to the COVID-19 measures during the service.

The department also stressed that the pastor was constantly raising his voice, which, in the end, forced the officials to leave the church.

The Calgary police department wrote that, even though it understands that COVID-19 interrupted people’s lives, the police has to aid other governmental agencies in ensuring public safety.

The police department announced that no tickets were issued so far, adding that its partner agencies would determine whether there would be any need for them.