Activist and failed Democratic state candidate Stacey Abrams has reversed her tone regarding the corporate boycotts in Georgia, after originally supporting the initial decisions.

Abrams, alongside many high-level Democrats which include President Joe Biden, supported the decision of a multitude of corporations to suspend or withdraw their services from the state of Georgia, after the Republican leadership in the state legislature passed new voting laws.

Corporations such as Major League Baseball made the controversial decision to withdraw from the state, with the All-Star baseball game being moved from Atlanta to Denver in Colorado, a decision that Abrams had supported.

Why the change?

Last week, Abrams may have inadvertently come out against the boycotts that are currently taking place in Georgia, despite originally supporting them.

The activist stated that although she respected the boycotts, she didn’t want to see ‘Georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs.’

The decision by Major League Baseball will reportedly cost the state and local economy in Atlanta around $100 million in lost revenue, with black communities and businesses in the area set to be hit the hardest, a group of people that Abrams is supposed to support.

She continued her statement, urging corporations not to patronize the state, yet still pushed the false narrative in a link posted that claims the changes to the voting laws in Georgia are akin to the time of Jim Crow.

Abrams then appeared in a video shortly after her statement, where she again urged businesses not to conduct the previously supported boycotts in the state.

She claims that ‘Black, Latino, AAPI and Native American voters’ will be the ones who suffer the most as a result of any boycotts that are intended to virtue signal and pander the far-left circles of the Democratic party.

Abrams exposed?

The sudden U-turn by Abrams hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Republican Governor Brian Kemp being the first to fire back at the failed candidate.

He claims that the activist has profited from the lies being spread by the Democrats regarding the change to voter laws in Georgia, and speculated against her motivations for pushing the baseless Jim Crow narrative.

He claims that if the people were to ‘follow the money,’ then they would discover why Abrams, the Democrats, and MLB have really acted in the way they have so far.

Speaking of MLB, Kemp fired back against the commissioner of the organisation, Rob Manfred.

He claims that Manfred ‘doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about’ in terms of the allegations of racism being made against the voter laws bill, adding that MLB ‘didn’t care what was said’, accusing them of bowing to the pressure being put on them by a ‘minority of people.’

Either way, the average voter can see through the virtue signaling and pandering from Abrams and MLB, given the silence on the topic before the actual bill was passed.

These activists and companies just want to exploit minorities for their political and financial gain, which is exactly what is being witnessed in Georgia at this very moment.

Silence is deafening, and the voters in Georgia will remember the actions of the Democrats and all of the businesses that tried to use them to make a moot point.