President Biden’s son Hunter Biden said that the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings viewed his hiring as a way to improve the company’s success on the global scene.

Biden was controversially hired as a director of the company’s board during his father’s term as a Vice President in the Obama Administration.

In a recent BBC interview, younger Biden explained that Burisma Holdings identified his name as a ‘‘gold that would open various doors for the company’’, adding that his involvement with the Ukrainian company has been a burden as much as it was a privilege.

Hunter Biden further said that companies who tried to hire any members of former President Trump’s family would face similar prospects for advantage.

He emphasized that his primary role in the company was to enhance its compliance with Ukrainian anti-corruption laws.

Younger Biden said in a CBS interview that, even though entirely qualified for the position, he regretted that his involvement with the company caused significant political trouble to his father.

He stressed that he does not intend to do anything similar in the future as that would ‘‘hand a weapon to those who would use it against his dad’’.

Along similar lines, Hunter Biden emphasized that he belongs to his family and not to any American administration.

Suspicious laptop contents

Suspicion around Hunter Biden’s deals in Ukraine was raised last year when some documents were found at a repair shop in Delaware.

Just weeks before the 2020 general election, an email discovered in the laptop indicated that, during his Vice Presidential term, Joe Biden held a meeting with a business official from Ukraine.

Older Biden soon denied any involvement with the business dealings of his son while younger Biden said that he is not sure whether the laptop in question was his possession.

Hunter Biden pointed to several possible explanations of the leaks, such as that the laptop was stolen from him or hacked by Russian intelligence operatives.

The FBI is reportedly investigating whether the information found on the laptop is credible.

Hunter Biden explained that the laptop was not the only possession he did not keep track of.

He referred CBS viewers to his memoir in which he detailed how he did not care about where many of his possessions are.