Biden Infrastructure Plan Gives Hope for California Bullet Train

Those hoping to finally get the California bullet train off and running have hope that the new proposed $2.3 trillion federal infrastructure package will provide the needed funds to make this happen. However, detractors warn that those in support of the high-speed rail system should not get their hopes up.

President Joe Biden released the details of his much-awaited infrastructure plan last week. Despite the massive amount of money earmarked for transportation, it is likely not going to be enough to fund the nearly defunct project.

Issues With Bullet Train

The proposed bullet train has been plagued with complicating issues since its inception. The train was originally promised to provide transportation between Los Angeles and San Francisco in less than three hours.

However, it soon became clear that this would not be possible. In addition, environmentalists protested many aspects of the project, adding more costs to the overall bottom line.

Newsom Walks Back Plan

In his first State of the State speech after being elected in 2019, California Gov. Gavin Newsom essentially canceled the rail project, saying that it would cost too much money and take too long. Newsom threw a bone to supporters of the project, promising to move forward with the part of the rail line already under construction in the Central Valley.

The California High-speed Rail Authority recently said that it hoped to continue to build this rural portion of the line with the $4.1 billion awarded by state bond funds. There is no doubt that the recent revelation of the Biden infrastructure plan will continue to give supporters false hope that the entire project can come to fruition.