On the 5th of April, the US Customs and Border Patrol authorized a release of information to the press regarding the arrest of two Yemeni men.

The arrests were made by agents of the El Centro Sector, who claimed the two men were identified from being held on a terrorist watchlist.

However, in the days since the press release, the information placed on the CBP website has been deleted, only to be stored in government achieves.

Questions about the removal of this press release have risen, especially considering the crisis that currently occupies attention on the southern border of the United States.

The Biden Administration has ignored the crisis in the months since the President’s inauguration, now the legitimacy of border affairs has been brought into question.

What did the press release state?

The release claims that border agents conducted records checks on two men from Yemen who attempted to enter the United States.

The checks revealed that one of the men was a ‘33-year-old illegal immigrant from Yemen’ who was also previously placed on the FBI’s Terrorism Watchlist.

The man was also on the no-fly list and was smuggling a cell phone sim card under the insole of his shoe.

According to the press release, the second man attempted to enter the country at the end of March and was apprehended by border agents who were also from the El Centro Station.

The man attempted to illegally enter the country at the Calexico Port of Entry, where he was detained and transferred for screening.

The checks conducted by the agents on this man also found that he was on the FBI’s Terrorism Watchlist and the no-fly list.

A connection between the two men, who entered the US from the same country at separate points in time, is yet to be established.

However, questions are now being asked of the CBP, who directly removed the press release days after it was posted.

Many skeptics believe that the Biden Administration wants to turn the focus away from the dangers of Islamic terrorism in the US, despite a message of open borders being parroted by the President, who took executive action to remove the list of seven countries, which included Yemen, from a travel ban to the US.

The government is attempting to keep secrets from the people once again, in yet another coverup of their poor handling of the southern border crisis.