The migrant surge at the southern US border continues with absolutely no end in sight. Migrants stream in by the hundreds of thousands, day after day. Many are forced to sleep in crowded facilities which do not have the resources to press them.

Often, these people are exploited by cutthroat gangsters who belong to drug cartels. By paying exorbitant fees to these gangsters — and often indenturing themselves to cartels — people from South and Central America are able to make it to the southern border.

And has been shown on video a number of times now, when these people arrive, many of them are given manilla envelopes containing money and documents and are then instructed to go to airports.

Add in the fact that, according to emails leaked to Project Veritas, the Department of Homeland Security appeared to know about the oncoming migrant surges in advance, and it seems like the whole event is being orchestrated by Democrats so that they can import more voters.

But all honest accounts, however, the situation is a horrendous crisis — even if Democrats are desperate to avoid having to acknowledge this fact.

But former US Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau has a simple and elegant solution to this whole mess: mandatory E-Verify.

Landau Blasts the Biden Administration

In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, Landau excoriates the Biden administration for, among other things, ending construction on the US-Mexico border wall; ending the Remain in Mexico program, which was meant to cut down on asylum fraud; ordering ICE agents not to arrest and deport migrants; and dropping removals of unaccompanied minor children, of which there has been an appalling number throughout the crisis.

Landau lays the blame for the humanitarian mess at the border squarely at Biden’s feet, though he says he’s “not at all surprised” that things have come to this. After all, not only did Biden explicitly invite this surge through his rhetoric — after all, the migrants themselves were wearing Biden-Harris gear — but American employers are not being penalized for hiring illegals. Since employers want to pay as little as possible for labor, they are incentivized to hire illegals as often as they can and pay them under the table.

“No one is holding American employers to account for their willingness to hire millions of unauthorized immigrants,” wrote Landau. “The biggest factor driving such flows has gone largely unaddressed: the willingness and ability of American employers to hire untold millions of unauthorized immigrants.”

As Landau then went on to point out, forcing American employers to use E-Verify, a system that requires said empires to verify and confirm the identities and employment eligibility of all people whom they hire, would immediately eliminate the incentive which American businesses have to push for and be complicit in illegal immigration.

Mo Brooks, a Republican Representative from Alabama, has, in fact, recently introduced a bill that would mandate E-Verify nationwide.