Cena Makes It a Point to Follow Random Twitter Users

It would be understandable if John Cena did not want to rack up too many people on his Twitter follow list. Most celebrities have a wide gulf between the number of followers they boast and the number of people that they follow back. However, Cena makes it a point to follow random fans.

Interview With Sports Illustrated

A recent interview with Sports Illustrated sheds a little light on why the WWW superstar follows strangers on his Twitter account. Cena said that he recognizes that social media can be filled with negativity. Twitter makes it particularly easy to hide behind words.

Cena told SI that he combats this anonymity and negativity by posting positive messages, being honest, and following people who also provide good stuff with their accounts. This approach is in line with how Cena approaches life and using his celebrity for the greater good.

Cena’s Twitter Account

Cena’s Twitter account numbers demonstrate his commitment to engaging with his followers on a more personal level. He currently boasts nearly 13 million followers and is following back over 236,000 people. While this may seem like a big differential, it is actually quite small when compared to other celebrities. For example, Cena’s counterpart Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, only follows 303 people compared to his 15.1 million followers.

Cena’s Career

Cena’s career stretches well beyond his status with WWE. He is currently the host of the popular television show “Wipeout.” Cena also is working on an HBO Max series called “Peacemaker,” chronicling the adventures of his Suicide Squad character. In addition, he has even written a series of self-help and personal improvement books.