Alas, it now seems to have become accepted practice in many places in America to simply allow obnoxious protestors to disrupt people and keep them from going about their day.

This is only true of left-wing protestors, however. As is now well-known, left-wing protestors representing Antifa, Black Lives Matter or similar organizations can loot, burn, destroy, assault and even kill people and always rely on the media to either ignore, excuse or minimize such events, no matter how prevalent they actually are. The more violent a left-wing protest becomes, the more stridently we will be told that it is “peaceful.”

By contrast, during a right-wing anti-lockdown protest, even if everything goes off without a hitch and no one is harmed, the protestors will be smeared as “Nazis,” “white supremacists,” “bigots,” “far-right extremists,” or whatever else the left’s chosen insult du jour is.

And in a left-wing stronghold like New York City, this is all the more to be expected.

That’s why, on the night of Thursday, April 1, a group of leftist protestors who appeared to be sympathetic to the goals of BLM can just waltz in and disrupt people when they are trying to calmly enjoy a meal.

That’s exactly what happened to the patrons of Balthazar, an upscale French restaurant located on Spring Street in New York City.

No One is Allowed to Enjoy Anything Anymore

On the night of April 1, as can be seen can be seen from video that was taken at the scene and posted on Twitter, a group of leftist protestors marched through the streets, passed by the Balthazar restaurant, surged into the restaurant’s outdoor area as people were trying to eat and began banging on the restaurant’s windows and damaging its premises and property.

Then, someone calling herself Qween Jean decided to interrupt everyone’s night and deliver a speech that no one present actually asked to hear. Of course, someone narcissistic enough to refer to herself as “Qween Jean” is probably also narcissistic enough to interrupt strangers while they eat for the purpose of morally haranguing them.

Qween Jean proceeded to deliver the by now standard and tedious old jeremiad about how black people are oppressed and marginalized. “So many blacks brown and indigenous community members are often left out,” she is heard to say in a video.

“They are often neglected, left out, unhoused, without food, without medication, without medical care, without mental health access. And we;re here with the message because we believe that black lives matter.”

The NYPD News Twitter account tweeted out video showing protestors harassing restaurant patrons and vandalizing the restaurant itself. The extent of the damage inflicted is not yet clear.

Of course, these people are not “activists” in any meaningful sense because the “activism” that they claim to favor is all completely supported by the system and the government structure that they insist is evil and “white supremacist.”