Easily the most heinous and disgusting aspect of the transgender agenda is the extreme aggressiveness with which it is being foisted onto children.

It’s bad enough that parents have already been forced, on a number of occasions, to allow their children to have sex-change operations against their consent and have been threatened with legal sanction if they refused to do so.

In addition to this, we have had to endure disturbing abominations like “Drag Queen Story Hour,” in which men dressed as women are allowed to go to public libraries and read stories to little children. A number of these men have been revealed to be sex offenders who preyed on children.

All of this is certainly bad enough. But now, in addition to all of this, stars from kids’ shows on Nickelodeon are also feeding them propaganda.

Nickelodeon Spreads Transgender Propaganda

Michael D. Cohen, a star on the Nickelodeon show Henry Danger, told young viewers of his show in a statement on March 31 that, “It’s really important to celebrate International Trans Visibility Day.”

Elaborating, he claimed that “[t]he more the world understands, is aware of, and supports people of trans experience, the more empowered this community will be to have our rights and to have what we deserve and to be equal like everybody.”

There’s no reason even to expose young children to the existence of transgender people. They have no idea what such things are and frankly do not need to know about them. Even children who do experience gender dysphoria nearly always lose such feelings after they undergo puberty normally.

Ideologues like Cohen have no right to bypass the parents of millions of children and tell them about things that their parents might find objectionable.

But of course, Cohen’s decision to spread transgender propaganda is by no means disinterested. In an interview in 2019, he told Tim Magazine that he had been born a woman but had later assumed a male identity.

As has been documented in places like Abigail Shier’s book Irreversible Damage, the craze over transgenderism that has swept society in recent years allows alienated and socially awkward children and teenagers to easily earn attention and social status from their peers by simply claiming to be transgendered. Because of this, children who, at any other previous time and under different circumstances, would never have thought of trying to assume the role of a transgendered person now find themselves doing it.

Hence, the recent explosion in transgender phenomena. The cause of this is not that there have long been large numbers of transgendered children who have had to keep their feelings hidden. The real cause is that transgenderism now has social purchase, and kids have always wanted to do what is trendy. The problem is that this quest for the attention of their peers is now leading some kids to undergo irreversible surgeries that permanently destroy their endocrine systems.

Propagandists like Cohen are responsible for this state of affairs. The responsibility falls on parents to protect their children from such damaging cultural influences.