As the crisis at the southern border worsens every day, so does the situation in multiple, overcrowded migrant facilities.

Sadly, the crisis at one Texas facility has now turned criminal, with multiple allegations of sexual abuse being targeted towards children are being reported from an overcrowded facility in San Antonio, a facility that houses approximately 1370 kids.

Now, Texas Governor Gregg Abbot has demanded that President Joe Biden shuts down the Freeman Coliseum facility amid the sexual abuse allegations.

The Governor has also ordered a full investigation into the reports.

What’s happening?

The Biden Administration has open and reopened several migrants holding facilities in the state of Texas, after rhetoric from the President caused an unprecedented number of migrants to travel to the southern border, with many entering the country illegally.

Now, the state is facing the consequences of the President’s actions and rhetoric, with numerous facilities operating way above their intended capacity.

The Freeman Coliseum facility is one of these facilities, currently holding 1370 children alone, way over its capacity.

Now, the Daily Mail reports that those children in this facility are being sexually abused, with incidents containing four separate types of sexual abuse being reported to the Department of Health and Human Services and to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

The services immediately informed the state leadership, including Governor Gregg Abbot, who has now called upon the federal government to shut these facilities down.

Abbot claims that in addition to the horrific allegations of sexual abuse within the facility, the children are not being fed properly, those who test positive for Covid-19 were not being kept separate from the healthy kids, and there is currently not enough staff to look after all of the children.

Abbot labeled the abhorrent situation as a ‘health and safety nightmare’ that is currently being presided over by the Biden Administration.

He also called for the Texas Department of Public Safety to launch an immediate joint investigation with the Texas Rangers to look into the allegations of sexual abuse and neglect, all whilst claiming that the situation in the facility was a direct result of Biden’s border policies.

All of these atrocities are happening under his watch, and he has failed to effectively address them.

The President’s rhetoric regarding immigration and the policies he has implemented thus far are destroying lives on both sides of the southern border.

Action needs to be taken, and it was needed yesterday.