According to crime statistics released at the start of April by the Chicago Police Department, the city’s escalating crime wave is continuing and shows no apparent signs of stopping or even slowing down.

In fact, in March of this year, the Department reports that shootings in the windy city have hit a four-year high. Also in March, four Chicago police officers were shot.

Crime Explosion

The dismayingly violent state in which Chicago finds itself today has unfortunate parallels all over the country. Violent crime in all sorts of major cities across the US — like New York and Seattle — has been spiking of late.

The reasons for this are multifaceted and are all connected to one another.

One reason may be that the extended coronavirus lockdowns, which tend to be more draconian in major cities than they do in smaller cities or more rural areas, have left people antsy, frustrated, and loaded with aggressive feelings.

Another reason is the general mismanagement which tends to prevail in large urban centers. Large cities like Chicago are under the full and unchallenged control of Democratic political machines. With the spread and escalation of work hysteria and everything related to it among the left, the Democrats in charge of Chicago and other large cities have begun coddling and making excuses for violent criminals to an unprecedented degree.

Police departments — not only in Minneapolis but in Democrat-controlled urban centers across the country — have been defunded under the insane theory that, somehow, it is the presence of police that contributes to crime.

DAs and other major officials in such cities have tended either to refuse to prosecute certain crimes if they are of a particular race. Much of the criminal justice system in such cities gives orders from the top to release criminals back onto the streets. And, of course, police have more recently been explicitly ordered to stand down in the face of certain violent acts.

Here are some of the consequences of such policies for Chicago. In March of 2021, there have been 233 shooting incidents in the city with 298 victims. The corresponding figures for March of 2020 were 146 and 175, and the respective March 2019 figures were 136 and 165. In March of 2018, there were 136 shootings in Chicago with 151 victims.

Thus, in March of 2021, Chicago has seen an increase in shootings of about 40%.

Homicides in the city are also up 33% this month compared to the same month in previous years. The same is true for carjackings in March of 2021 as compared to March of 2020, though carjackings are slightly down from the high they reached in February of 2021.

Lastly, 21 Chicago police officers have already been shot this year, and four of those were shot just in March.