In the beginning, TikTok was the preserve of a group of Gen Z-ers who were ahead of the curve and sitting on the cutting edge of culture. But after 2020, the video-sharing app exploded into the mainstream consciousness to the point where people from all generations have made accounts and started watching and posting dance videos, taking up challenges, and just plain being wacky.

And out of this brew, a few figures were always bound to emerge as major icons and influencers.

One of these is 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio, who rose to fame in 2019 as a member of the Hype House, a group of TikTok creators who collaborated to produce content. And though she has since separated from the group, her fame continues.

Recently, however, people all over TikTok have started referring to Charli D’Amelio as the “Vape Queen.”

This might be confusing or difficult to figure out why this is happening for those who aren’t in the know, so let us explain it to you.

How Charli Became the Vape Queen

Why is a 16-year-old social media influencer, who isn’t even legally old enough to smoke, being associate with e-cigarettes? There seems to be no natural or obvious connection between these things, so why are they connected?

Well, once you have 112 million TikTok followers as D’Amelio does, some serious personal scrutiny tends to accompany that. The teen is constantly being photographed, videoed, and watched. Whatever she does and wherever she goes, her fans are watching.

And at one point, a video was erased of the 16-year-old vaping.

Once the video went viral, one fan who commented on it dropped the idea of calling Charli the “Vape Queen,” and like magic, the trend spread.

What makes this all a bit funny and absurd — and therefore totally in line with the culture of TikTok — is that it’s not even known whether D’Amelio vapes regularly. She was just caught doing it once and was immediately elevated to the status of “Vape Queen.”

She hasn’t commented on her new moniker in any way yet either.

One Twitter user summed up the irony, sarcasm, and absurdism of the whole thing when he wrote, “Charli D’Amelio seen vaping. Fans are divided over whether it’s appropriate for a 16-year-old to vape. Some claim it’s an anxiety pen. Others say it’s a Juul.”

Some fans have criticized D’Amelio for vaping, while others support her decision to do so. It’s not clear whether there was any THC or nicotine in her vape pen or not.