Widow of Steve Irwin

Many people have wondered why Terri Irwin does not have an Australian accent like the rest of her family. It is clear when Terri speaks that she does not have that same distinguishable accent. So what is the story behind the life of the widow of legendary crocodile hunter Steve Irwin?

Terri’s Background

Terri was born in Eugene, Oregon, on July 20, 1964. She grew up as the youngest of three girls, always up for a new adventure in this idyllic area of the Pacific Northwest. She spent her childhood cycling and biking, taking advantage of all of the outdoor recreational opportunities offered by this slice of the world.

Rehabilitating Wild Animals Came Naturally

Terri has a long history of helping to rehabilitate wild animals.

Her father would routinely bring home injured animals and help them to return to the wild. Using this experience, Terri launched the animal rehabilitation center called Cougar Country in 1986. She later went to work as a vet tech for an emergency veterinarian hospital.

Love Blooms in Australia

Terri met Steve when she traveled to the Land Down Under in 1991. Steve was working at Beerwah Reptile Park, now known as the Australia Zoo. Not surprisingly, he was doing a crocodile demonstration when he caught Terri’s eye. According to Steve, it was love at first sight for the pair.

Steve and Terri were engaged just four months later. The two later had two children, Bindi and Robert.

Terri now holds dual citizenship with both the U.S. and Australia. She is currently still living in Australia, running the Australia Zoo since Steve passed away at the hands of a stingray in 2006.