On Thursday, President Biden is expected to issue several executive orders aimed at reducing the level of gun violence across the country.

An insider from the White House reportedly revealed that the President primarily intends to impose stricter border checks on buyers of the so-called ‘ghost guns.’

These involve homemade weapons, mainly problematic due to the lack of serial numbers that could be utilized to track their use.

So far, no legislation has addressed the cases of people who made guns by themselves and eventually used them to endanger public safety.

In addition to the action against ‘ghost guns,’ President Biden will likely name a prospective head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

It is expected that Biden’s pick would be a person willing to decisively implement laws that regulate the possession and use of weapons.

The agency’s director has not been named since 2015 and is currently being led by Acting Director Regina Lombardo.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is likely to join President Biden in announcing the new gun policies.

A controversial issue

Recent shootings across the country proved to be crucial for the institution of new policies.

While some gun law amendments were adopted in the House, they are likely to face insurmountable obstacles by the Republican Senators unified in their opposition to stricter gun control.

Institution of additional background checks is just one of the gun policy promises Biden gave during his presidential campaign last year.

He also pledged for the adoption of universal background check regulation and prohibition of online weapon sales, as well as bans on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

Many gun control activists expressed their satisfaction with the orders to be issued by the President, lamenting about the lack of a prompter action.

White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki told reporters that the executive orders to come on Thursday are the way to motivate Senators to take more concrete action against gun violence.

New policies arrive at the moment when there has already been an increasing trend of ‘ghost gun’ users, such as the case of a Northern California man who killed five people in 2017, his wife included.

The fact that he was prohibited from legally owning firearms did not prevent him from building one.

Particularly troublesome is that most of these homemade guns cannot be traced due to the lack of serial numbers.

This circumstance aided the proliferation of illegal gun markets hidden from the eyes of authorities.

States such as California responded to the issue by enacting laws that require ghost guns to possess serial numbers.

Biden’s policy, at least for now, is steadily going in this direction.