On Wednesday, April 7, 275 sheriffs hailing from 39 states have signed a letter addressed to President Biden urging him to finish building the border wall that was started by former president Donald Trump.

The humanitarian crisis currently unfolding at the southern border — in which Central and South American migrants have tried streaming over the border in the belief that Biden would welcome them, only to find that immigration facilities are totally unable to process them and that they are forced to remain in cramped conditions at these facilities — is what prompted the sheriffs to compose the letter.

Customs and Border Protection recently released statistics showing that more than 172,000 migrants have been arrested trying to illegally hop the border in March alone. It is unknown how many migrants have not been caught and how many more are still coming.

And since drug cartels are the main means by which these migrants are able to even make it to the border, all kinds of drug and crime-related concerns factor into the equation.

The Sheriffs’ Letter

The letter from the sheriffs forthrightly accuses Biden and his Administration of fostering the border crisis by broadcasting to all potential South and Central American migrants that they would be welcomed into the country during a Biden Administration.

It also describes how many of the very same sheriffs who are signatories to the letter had actually warned Biden Administration officials, back when they were working as part of the Obama Administration, what the consequences of a totally open-borders immigration policy would be. The letter mentions that both Biden himself and his current Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, were two such officials.

In sum, the letter urges Biden to adopt a more restrictive immigration policy and to finish the construction of Trump’s border wall.

In the wake of all of this pressure, Biden’s team may start to somewhat walk back its policies. Mayorkas told Customs Enforcement officials last week that he was looking at closing some “gaps” in Trump’s wall. However, this crisis has proven to be deeply embarrassing for the Biden Administration.