Because the Democratic Party is currently held almost completely hostage by a horde of baying “woke” lunatics, a Biden presidency means an accelerated cultural transformation of the country and a furious lurch to the left in all things.

In fact, Biden is pushing America to the left even faster than Obama did.

Leftism to Infinity

Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the things that Biden has done to push America violently to the left in his few months as president.

He ended the construction of Trump’s border wall, leaving the border open and exposed, calling forth a flood of illegal South and Central American migrants who could be easily relied upon to vote for Democrats once they’ve been admitted into the country.

He now opposes the anti-abortion Hyde Amendment, despite claiming to be a Catholic, and has now nominated Xavier Becerra — a pro-abortion extremist — to be his HHS Secretary. He supports the so-called “Equality Act,” which would totally trample religious freedom underfoot in the name of granting more “rights” to the LGBTQ constituency.

He’s refused to support any infrastructure or COVID relief bills that are not loaded with destructive and unnecessary Democratic wish-list items, like bailouts for corrupt blue cities or union pension funds. He’s also started an “exploratory committee” that he hopes will eventually allow him to pack the Supreme Court.

Even in his days as a “moderate,” Biden never had any principles.

He always went whichever way the political winds happened to be blowing at the time. When he opposed abortion or voted for the 1994 crime bill, he didn’t do so because he believed in what those laws or policies represented. He did so because he knew that there was great popular support of law and order or restrictions on abortion at the time.

And now, alas, the left-wing insanity also has a large constituency, and that constituency is now in charge of the Democratic Party. To maintain and grow his power, Biden must pander to such people.

In that respect, at least, Biden has always been consistent.