Despite its pretense of being a grassroots movement against police brutality, Black Lives Matter was always, in truth, an elite-driven organization.

If the fact that BLM and its goals are openly supported by every major corporation and Democratic politician in the country wasn’t enough to tip you off about this, the blunt declaration of its co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors that the movement’s leaders are “trained Marxists” really should have been.

After all, Marxism is a niche ideology that rich and upper-middle-class college kids can indulge in. It’s very far indeed from the concerns of poor black people.

Indeed, those who have suspected that BLM was just a massive grift operation have just gotten a massive confirmation of their suspicions.

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

According to the aptly named, there seems to be quite a bit of fresh dirt available on Khan-Cullors. The site has recently reported that the 37-year-old left-wing superstar has recently bought a $1.4 million home that it describes as a “secluded mini-compound.”

Moreover, the home appears to be located in an exclusive and out-of-the-way part of Los Angeles called Topanga Canyon. According to the US Census Bureau, Topanga Canyon is currently about 88 percent white.

The home in question was sold to an LLC that Khan-Cullors owns, indicating that she tried to hide or obscure the fact that she bought such an enormous and expensive house.

Black commentators like Jason Whitlock and Jamil Jivani immediately attacked Khan-Cullors for this as soon as news of it broke, with Whitlock sarcastically remarking on Twitter, “Black Lives Matter founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a black population of 1.4%. She is with her people!”

And Jivani, founder of the Policing Literacy Initiative, simply said, “I can’t believe how badly some people got played by BLM. Wow.”

Alas, the phenomenon of rich, pampered left-wing elitists publicly proclaiming one thing while doing the opposite in their private lives is nothing new. As the left grows more decadent and more comfortably ensconced in power, its mantra increasingly becomes, “Do as I say, not as I do.”