It was always bound to happen.

Riots have erupted once again in Minneapolis after a police officer shot Duante Wright, a 20-year-old black man who was resisting arrest.

This fatal shooting comes at a very sensitive time for the community, as Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on the neck, shoulders, back (depending on what image you see) of George Floyd, stands trial for murder.

Should Chauvin be acquitted in his trial, the riots that have erupted after the shooting of Wright will no doubt become a precursor for more violence.

So, what happened to Wright?

Duante Wright was originally pulled over for a traffic stop on Sunday afternoon, with the Brooklyn Center Police Department claiming that he was stopped for a traffic violation.

However, contradictory to the department’s statement, it is believed that there was a warrant out for his arrest for alleged gang activity, which is why the officers pulled him over.

Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, was on the phone with her son at the time, and she claims that police pulled him over because he had air fresheners in his car (!?!).

She states that her son had called her just after he was stopped, to which she insisted that he passed the phone over to the officers so she could give them insurance information.

However, she then goes on to state that she heard officers order Duante to get out of the car, and when asked why, they said they would explain the situation to him once he had left the vehicle.

Wright’s mother reiterates that the only thing he had done was have air fresheners hanging in his car.

Wright’s girlfriend claims he got out of the car, and was shot, stepped back into his car then drove away and crashed.

The official police statement, along with bodycam footage that has been released on social media, explains the situation properly.

Wright stepped out of his vehicle, before being placed under arrest by the two officers at the scene.

He then attempted to wriggle away from the arresting officer, climbing back into his car before the officer whose body cam was active, fired once into him.

The officer who shot Wright can be heard cursing after Wright drives away, claiming that she had shot him instead of tasering him, by mistake.

The statement released by the Brooklyn Center Police Department backs this up, declaring that an investigation into the officer who had accidentally shot Wright was underway.

The Riots

Shortly after the shooting, riots erupted in Brooklyn Center, a city that is 10 miles north of Minneapolis.

Rioters and looters gathered at the scene of the shooting, not to mourn or protest, but to cause destruction and violence.

The rioters, all believed to be associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, gathered and started to vandalize police cars, jumping on top of them.

Those who did not take part in the vandalism of police property decided to pursue personal gain, initiating looting a variety of stores in the area.

A Walmart, GameStop, Sally Beauty Supply, an O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store, a liquor store, and a gas station convenience store were all broken into and looted by so-called ‘protesters,’ all in the fight against racism.

The rioters then marched towards the Brooklyn Center police station, where riot police were waiting.

Police and rioters squared off, with the rioters launching projectiles before the police responded with tear gas.

Eventually, the rioters were dispersed after Minnesota State Troopers and the National Guard arrived at the scene.

However, these riots have now set a dangerous precursor for further violence to erupt if Derek Chauvin is acquitted in his murder trial next week.