With each passing day, we appear to be entering an Orwellian reality which most people were scarcely able to contemplate only a few short years ago.

Large parts of the country remain totally on lockdown, ostensibly for the sake of stopping the spread of a deadly virus. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that lockdowns were able to stop the spread of COVID-19 and that the virus itself is only truly deadly to people in a few specific risk groups, millions of people have not only gone along with but appear actively to support totally unprecedented restrictions on their freedom.

If that wasn’t bad enough, people in powerful positions are now seriously contemplating the implementation of vaccine passports — something which, not long ago, was thought to be a fever dream of wacky conspiracy theorists.

In our crazed, post-COVID world, many insane and shocking things have become possible.

That’s why Apple’s announcement that some of its new TV devices will have built-in cameras and speakers that surveil and listen in on the viewer doesn’t seem so shocking anymore.

Apple Gets Seriously Creepy

Apple’s most recent incarnation of Apple TV devices were released back in 2016 and have not really been updated since. Now, according to a report from Bloomberg News, the next version of Apple TV devices could have built-in cameras and microphones that spy on you while you’re at home. Reports say that this new device will be officially announced sometime in 2021, though the project is now in its early stages.

Alas, Apple isn’t the first company to do something this creepy. Facebook’s Portal TV decide also has a built-in camera, and it is widely suspected that Amazon’s Alexa devices listen in on and record users without their consent.

This all raises the question: Why is Apple doing this? Thanks to the leaks released by Edward Snowden, we know that the CIA and other intelligence agencies have installed backdoors into major pieces of both hardware and software that enable them to listen in on and spy on ordinary Americans. That such behavior is blatantly unconstitutional and illegal does not appear to bother the creeps and control freaks at the intelligence agencies.

But since we know that firms like Apple have had similar agreements with the likes of the CIA in the past, we can only suspect that the tech giant is installing these microphones and cameras into their new TVs at the behest of the national security state.

It was once said as a joke that, “In Soviet Russia, TV watch you!” but that reality seems to be set to emerge, of all places in the United Stets of America.