Even though the White House Office announced a plan to vaccinate all citizens/permanent residents of the USA by the end of May, the pandemic is still quite strong.

While the COVID19 cases in Texas and Mississippi are steadily decreasing, numerous states, including Michigan, are struggling.

Despite that, Jen Psaki, who is the Secretary of Press under Biden’s administration, suggests that the governor of the Great Lake State did a fantastic job throughout the past 12 months!

Psaki defending Governor Gretchen Whitmer, head of the worst State.

A day ago, Jen Psaki passionately defended a Democrat official, suggesting that Gretchen Whitmer was the first governor to call for routine testing and protective equipment, and how no one but her was strong enough to combat Trump’s incompetency in dealing with the COVID19 pandemic.

Furthermore, Psaki suggested that Gretchen Whitmer had to endure death threats and constant pressure from Trump’s administration.

But not everything is as fabulous as it seems!

According to the latest CDC reports, the situation in Michigan is terrible.

With the daily average being set at 7,000 new cases, the Center suggests that there have been more than 51,000 cases in the last week alone.

This data puts Michigan in the first place as the highest pandemic ‘hosting’ state across the United States!

Still, governor Gretchen Whitmer has a tough time deciding what to do.

What to expect in the upcoming months

As New York Times reported, Whitmer asked from more batches of the COVID19 vaccines, however, the White House Office’s response wasn’t optimistic nor positive as they suggested that Michigan should be closed down.

With both the CDC and Biden’s administration suggesting that vaccines need at least 4-6 weeks to create a positive impact, it is to be expected that the governor might implement strict restrictions.

Gretchen Whitmer and her administration will have to reach a uniform decision if they want to combat the ongoing surge of COVID19 cases.

Back in 2020, the Great Lake State was the first one to close down, with thousands of people losing their jobs in a matter of days.

Michigan seems to be expecting a similar scenario once more.