Felicia Konold, a pregnant single mother from Arizona, is potentially facing a 30-year-long prison sentence!

Even though she was on a different route, Konold reportedly took part in January 6th Capitol riots.

The sources indicate that she followed the crowd that entered the Capitol building complex, eventually leaving when the police officers made it clear that she should not be at the location.

Quite unexpectedly, Konold’s detainment came a month after the initial arrests took place.

The FBI officers allegedly arrived at Konold’s home in Arizona, blocking the entire street and seizing a long list of Konold’s belongings.

During her week-long detainment, the FBI ordered the deactivation of all Konold’s accounts on social media, including her stock trading account on the app WeBull!

Konold was eventually put under house arrest and prohibited from working on her temporary job as the FBI identified it as too hard to be tracked, making her completely dependent on the aid of her friends and family who help her buy food and drink.

She is even prevented from communicating with her brother due to his alleged involvement in the riots.

Issues with the trial

Konold is also reportedly facing troubles related to her legal proceeding.

She is currently being defended by an attorney appointed by the court, who, as sources close to Konold revealed, shows little enthusiasm regarding her case.

The lack of the appointed attorney’s interest explains why the Arizona mother initiated the fundraising to help her find a more expensive attorney who would be willing to help her avoid long-term imprisonment.

As for now, Konold’s future seems bleak.

She is being charged with several counts: civil disorder, conspiracy, knowingly entering or staying in a restricted building or grounds without legal authority, obstruction of an official proceeding, and disorderly conduct on the grounds of Capitol.

Waiting for her trial to continue, Konold finds peace in the words of the founders of American democracy.

In an interview with the Gateway Pundit, she quoted Benjamin Franklin, who said that people must hang together if they do not want to hang separately.

She also cited an excerpt from Thomas Paine’s work ‘American Crisis,’ in which the famous intellectual said that those who wish to enjoy the benefits of freedom have to experience the suffering of fighting for it.