We all have stories about bosses from hell. Whether we’ve worked for such people ourselves or know other people who have, there does seem to be a distressing amount of people in positions of power who simply like throwing their weight around and making their underlings miserable.

Some people, unfortunately, meekly sit there and just accept abuse from their bosses, not knowing what else to do. Others, however, find ways — large and small — to strike back. And still, others take matters into their own hands and find ways to get back at their bosses for mistreating them that can only be described as epic.

One Reddit user going by the handle PissedBrewer decided to share his incredible story about working at a brewery about two decades ago.

At first, things seemed to be going well enough, but then PissedBrewer’s mother died.

Understandably bereaved, he sought some time off. It was then that his boss’ truly rotten character began to emerge. The boss not only publicly berated his employee for taking time off but even cheated him out of his rightfully earned money.

Eventually, PissedBrewer got so… well, pissed… that he got creative and decided to get back at his boss in a way that was, again, epic.

Masterful Revenge

PissedBrewer begins his story by describing his boss as “a complete lunatic and an utter A-hole.” He could see this about his boss before he even started working there. Despite the boss’ mismanagement and poor decisions about what kinds of brewing equipment to purchase, PissedBrewer was able to make things work.

He even eventually rose up to become a night manager at the brewery since his ordinary schedule there was not very full.

It would be over a year before the employee would even venture to take a vacation, and even this decision already drew anger from his boss. This was a sign of things to come.

Then, PissedBrewer began describing his mother’s death after suffering from Stage 4 cancer. Since she had passed suddenly, he rushed out to be with her and his family, requiring him to unexpectedly extend his vacation. A decent boss, faced with a reliable employee who suffered a personal tragedy, would try to be understanding and would make allowances. But this boss did not.

As mentioned, he began shafting the brewer out of his money and also demanding that he work additional shifts to “make up for the time off.” This led to an argument between him and his boss, which led him to quit his management job and only stay on as a brewer. But the boss continued to be vindictive, and the brewer discovered later that he was again cheated out of 20 hours pay in 6 weeks.

This was the last straw. PissedBrewer finally decided to fire back.

He made sure that a large batch of yeast would stay around far past the date at which it was useable for brewing — more than 20 days past, in fact. Then, he eventually tendered his resignation and revealed to his boss that this deliberately orchestrated build-up of bad yeast had ruined his ability to produce beer.

What do you think? Was this just and proper revenge?