It’s been abundantly clear for some time now to those who are interested in the truth that major media corporations are little more than propaganda factories whose true business is perception management and the manipulation of the public.

As distressing as that realization might be to honest people who simply want there to be civil discourse in society, there’s another truth that is probably even more distressing: the schools are often propaganda factories too.

There have already been stories that have broken about Antifa members securing teaching positions and using their authority as teachers to indoctrinate young and impressionable minds into left-wing radicalism. But if what has recently been uncovered at the Santa Clara County Office of Education in California is any indication, the rot, in fact, runs far deeper than that.

According to a story recently broken by City Journal, back in November, Santa Clara County held a special training session directed at public school teachers working in the district. The training session specifically revolved around teaching associated with the county’s “ethnic studies” programs and initiatives.

And what was uncovered to have been said at this session was both shocking and revealing. In short, the whole thing was a glorified propaganda seminar.

Leftist Propaganda in the Schools

Critics of “ethnic studies” educational programs, both at the college level and below, have long said that they are little more than thinly veiled attempts to falsify and oversimplify history. Their real aim is not to present history — including the darker aspects of history — in all of their inherent nuance and complexity but to simply twist the facts in whatever way is required to make white, Western Christian civilization look as bad as possible.

Once one looks at what happened at this teacher training session in Santa Clara County, it’s hard to disagree with this assessment.

For starters, the program opened with a so-called “land acknowledgment.” This is a formal declaration that the land on which the seminar is taking place was once stolen from Native Americans. From there, the main presenter during the session, a man named Jose Pacheco, who is an advisor for California’s ethnic studies curriculum, went on to discuss what he called the “roots of settler colonialism.”

He then encouraged teachers to “infer the imperialist motives” of historical figures like Christopher Columbus.

One does not have to support colonialism to understand that human conflict has been a constant throughout history.

At various times, some side has always committed atrocities against the other. Despite everything that European settlers may have done, Native Americans also waged war against them and conducted raiding parties against Europeans — and against each other — in extraordinarily brutal ways.

But this is ignored.

Most revealingly, Pacheco told teachers at the training session that they “have to be extra careful about what is being said, since we can’t just say something controversial now that we’re in people’s homes. Parents can take out of context or see what materials are being used, so we need to be careful of what they see.”

In short, education departments are admitting to propagandizing children and lying to their parents about it.

Concerned parents, take note.