On the third day of violence after the shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center near Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter rioters decided to bite the hand that fed them for the past year, as they attacked and chased a CNN crew out of the area for reporting on the events.

However, the most shocking part of this event was not what actually happened at the scene of the riot.

Whilst reviewing the events that had taken place throughout the day, after the violence, CNN’s own Don Lemon didn’t even mention the attack on his own colleagues, despite one crew member being knocked to the ground by a projectile.

Another outbreak of violence?

Violence has plagued the city of Brooklyn Center, 10 miles from Minneapolis, for the past three days, after Duante Wright was accidentally shot dead by a police officer.

CNN had sent correspondent Miguel Marquez, and his crew, to the Brooklyn Center Police Station to cover the protests and riots that were unfolding in and around the area.

However, they were greeted with hostilities from members of the BLM organisation that the network had spent the last year trying to promote.

As the crew appeared to be working, video footage released on Twitter shows an elderly crew member hit square on the head by a water bottle, assumingly thrown from somewhere in the crowd.

The man stumbles, before briefly losing his footing as BLM rioters taunt and mock him.

A follow-up video on the same thread on Twitter then shows the BLM rioters chasing and hurling small projectiles at Marquez and his crew as they hurry away to the safety of their vehicles before leaving the area.

However, the most shocking part of these events came in the aftermath.

After the crew had retreated away from the area, the violence continued on into the night, all to be summarised under a nice little bow by CNN’s Don Lemon on his late-night show.

However, whilst recapping and sugar-coating the events, Lemon failed to mention the horrific and needless acts of violence that his own colleagues suffered whilst they reported on the events that were taking place since it goes against the BLM and Democrat agenda of BLM being a peaceful organisation.

Yet still, CNN has spent the last year covering the back of BLM, playing down their continuous nights of violence, labeling their events as ‘mostly peaceful’ whilst reporters tuned in with a burning backdrop to push their agenda and ideals into the mainstream political world…now the very monster that they helped create has come back to haunt and harm them.

Who would’ve seen that coming?