With their almost total control over the American government, Democrats are certainly not in the mood to wield power graciously. They are using their power to push through any and every piece of legislation they want, no matter how fanciful, ridiculous, or obviously destructive.

From the HR1 bill that would essentially legalize election fraud to the bailouts of unions and other favored constituencies that Democrats have included in their coronavirus relief packages, Democrats are running roughshod on what remains of this country and moving us all to the left at a breakneck pace.

But of course, the Democratic agenda can never come to full fruition without enormous amounts of illegal immigration. Feigning humanitarian motives, Democrats want illegal aliens from South and Central America to flood into this country because they know that such people are virtually guaranteed to vote for Democrats in overwhelming majorities, no matter what.

Eventually, the hope for Democrats is that native-born white Americans will be demographically overwhelmed, and the country will essentially become a one-party state.

That’s why President Biden was so welcoming to migrant caravans when he was running for President. That’s why he and his handlers have been hinting at an amnesty bill since virtually the very start of his time in office.

Well, now, that amnesty bill appears to be being pushed to the forefront of the agenda yet again.

Amnesty and Demographic Replacement

A group of Democrats from both the House and the Senate has now begun urging Biden to push through that promised amnesty bill. The group consists of 22 Democrats and includes the likes of Senators Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Alex Padilla from California. Representatives Joaquin Castro and Ted Liu are also part of the group.

In their letter to the President, these Democrats request that at least 5.2 million of the estimated 17 million illegals in America be granted citizenship as part of Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Their justification for doing this while much of the country remains on lockdown and millions of Americans have been forced into unemployment is as risible as it is flabbergasting.

According to these Democrats, illegal aliens are “American heroes” and “Essential workers.” In short, they are repeating the discredited canard that “illegals do the jobs that Americans just won’t do.”

Despite the fact that illegals aliens have, by definition, shown contempt for this country by flagrantly violating its laws, “they have earned the right to become American citizens.” Indeed, they “have more than earned” that right.

How? Why? Well, because they’ll overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, of course!

We now live in an Orwellian, topsy-turvy reality in which everything appears to be its opposite. Illegal aliens are apparently real Americans, while American citizens who have lived their whole lives in this country are nonentities deserving only of contempt and scorn.

When they remain unemployed, the elite wants to spit on them and hand their jobs and livelihoods over to illegals.

It’s beyond obvious that elite Democrats hate the American people. But by setting top and permitting waves of illegal immigration, they can manufacture a new American people. And that’s what they intend to do.