The United States of America became one of the biggest flagpoles standing against fascism throughout the 20th century, helping the allies defeat the fascist regimes of Germany, Italy, and Japan in the Second World War.

Throughout the years, America has always stood against fascism and the horrific beliefs that fascists hold.

Now, however, fascism has taken a new face and has infected significant portions of the US population through the far-left and the media that backs it.

Over the last year, the Black Lives Matter movement, accompanied by Antifa, the supposed anti-fascist organization that embodies everything fascism stands for, has brought the inhumane ideology into the mainstream, and the results are not pretty.

The Daunte Wright shooting

The shooting of Duante Wright, and the reaction that followed, is the newest reminder that American Fascism is on the rise and is gathering more and more momentum as the months go on.

Wright was shot and killed in a traffic stop by a Brooklyn Center police officer after he had resisted arrest by getting back into his vehicle, a week after a police officer was murdered in a traffic stop by a criminal who got back into his vehicle, grabbed a rifle and opened fire.

Officer Kim Potter had served for 26 years in the Brooklyn Center police force without an incident of this magnitude, making it believable that her actions were completely accidental after she mistook her firearm for her taser whilst attempting to restrain Wright.

However, this doesn’t matter to the fascist mob, that called for her arrest; seeing her charged with second-degree manslaughter and posting a bail of $100,000 before an investigation into the incident could be concluded.

All of this effort to convict an officer who ended the life of a known dangerous criminal, and protected probably hundreds of people throughout her career, who are now calling for her ‘public execution’.

These are the same people who are in favor of cutting the police funding, while they push the camera in your face and scream ‘call the police’ when they feel offended…

Daunte Wright is no hero.

Yes, we all agree that the circumstances were tragic and the shooting should never have happened.

Daunte Wright was not a good man, despite whatever his family, the mob, and the media have to say about him.

He was pulled over due to the fact he had a warrant on his head after he skipped a $100,000 bail for armed robbery and gang activity.

He resisted arrest as he knew he faced a significant amount of time in jail.

Wright and a friend once repaid a favor to a female friend who allowed them to stay at her house after a party by assaulting her and robbing her of $850.

Doesn’t sound like a hero, right?

Yet, American Fascism wants you to believe that Wright was an innocent soul, that he was only pulled over due to the air fresheners he had in his car…


American Fascism also comes with a little sprinkle of hypocrisy every now and then, fueled by media support and biased reporting.

The name of Kim Potter was released to the public extremely quickly, just like the name of Derek Chauvin back in May 2020.

However, the name of the Capitol Hill police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed, 14-year Air Force veteran in cold blood, was concealed.

Her murder was caught on film by an independent journalist, who was arrested on the same day.

Why did this happen?

Simply because it didn’t fit the narrative that unarmed, white people don’t get murdered by the police.

Protesters at Capitol Hill on January 6th did not murder anyone, they did not set fire to private property as BLM do, yet those who were arrested on the day are still being held and are being refused bail.

This is what American Fascism looks like.

A combination of the corrupt media working in tangent with far-left organizations to push a narrative that will lead to the cancellation or worse, of anyone who shares a different worldview to them.

Violent mobs controlling the streets and the cancellation of separate opinions, will all lead to a new brand of fascism taking over the country and turning the United States of America into the very evil that we fought to defeat.