Andrew Gutmann, the father of a girl who attended Upper East Side School in New York City, decided to remove his daughter from that school for a number of reasons he stated in an open letter to other parents.

He primarily expressed his dissatisfaction with how the uncritical adoption of leftist ideas shaped the school’s curriculum.

Gutmann explained how he no longer believed that the school’s administration serves the interests of children, complaining that school might prevent his daughter from acquiring a high-quality education and formation as an adult.

Gutmann pointed out that there has been too much focus on race issues, which has produced an undesirable effect as children have begun to observe each other through the prism of race.

The angry father pointed out that viewing every aspect of society through race disrespects the legacy of famous civil rights fighters such as Martin Luther King Jr.

Gutmann used his letter to emphasize that there has been no systematic racism in the U.S. since the civil rights reforms over 50 years ago, stating that talking about systemic racism today presents a misrepresentation of fact, further bolstered by a discriminatory affirmative action policy.

Gutmann even expressed his opposition to the view that counts each institutional underrepresentation of Black people as racism.

He added that the adoption of critical race theory only perpetuates a false belief that African Americans are helpless victims who can only succeed if helped by white people or the government.

Further issues

The dissatisfied father even addressed the school’s training programs aimed at curbing racism among parents which, according to Gutmann, lack sophistication and are insulting.

He also called out the extensive use of notions such as equity and diversity, defining the school as hypocritical for talking about these concepts while at the same time enrolling children from affluent families and promoting a single ideology like it was in China during the Cultural Revolution.

Gutmann opposed the school’s exclusion of much of the old curriculum for the sake of ideas endorsed by groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), which, according to Gutmann, do not represent the majority of Black people.

The unhappy father even addressed the grade inflation that accompanied the curriculum reform.

He concluded by maintaining that, instead of teaching its students how to think, the school started requiring them to hold views the establishment deems appropriate.

Gutmann stressed that, as a result, the majority of parents at the school who oppose the school’s policy became afraid to speak up to avoid negative consequences.