Prominent NFL legend and Hall of Famer Brett Favre has expressed his desire to see politics kicked out of all professional sports throughout the United States, claiming it was ruining the game for the vast majority of the fans.

He spoke his mind whilst appearing on the ‘The Andrew Klavan Show’, stating that he and many other fans want to see the world of politics separated from the world of sports, as it takes away the escapism aspect that we all love whenever we sit down to watch a game.

Kneeling does more harm than good

Favre opened his comments by expressing the frustrations that every sports fan feels around the world when they watch their teams embrace issues from the political world.

He stated that when he turns on his tv to watch a game, that all he wants to see are the players doing what they do best, teams winning and losing, amazing comebacks, and moments filled with drama.

He underscored this point by labeling these aspects of all sporting events as the ‘important parts of the game,’ stating that fans do not tune in to watch a game to then be reminded about all of the issues taking place outside of the world of sports.

He believes that political issues, especially over the last year since the re-emergence of Black Lives Matter, have been pushed to the forefront of nearly all professional sporting events, before claiming that many fans actually agree with him.

The political world has swallowed the sporting world in the United States, as players across a variety of sports now kneel for the national anthem, instead of standing.

As well as this, sporting organizations are now weighing in on political issues, after the NBA All-Star game was moved out of Atlanta, Georgia, in protest over new voting laws in the state, a decision that will cost the state economy around $100 million.

Favre believes that players should not be kneeling for the national anthem, stating that the flag and the anthem of the United States is something that is able to unify everyone, as people of all colors and backgrounds have fought and died for the flag.

He then goes on to state that kneeling for the national anthem has actually caused ‘more turmoil than good.’

Naturally, for holding these opinions, and for voting for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, Favre received the typical left-wing treatment, with abhorrent abuse and backlash being fired his way on social media.