Ontario, Canada.

Canadian authorities have released a video, which went viral, explaining in detail the new measures against the spread of Covid infection.

However, the substance of the video is rather shocking, as Premier Doug Ford read through the new rules that locals would be faced with.

Users on Twitter distributed the video far and wide, labeling the new restrictions a police state-like control of personal liberties and rights.

The Canadian Police State?

The Canadian Province of Ontario, an area that borders the United States, will be forced in police state-like conditions as the government attempts to get a handle on surging infection levels.

Under the new rules, Canadians will no longer be allowed to visit playgrounds or parks…not too bad right?

That’s not too determinantal to public life…


If you live in the province of Ontario and you have the nerve to leave your house, expect to be randomly stopped by the Police and questioned about why you are outside, as well as having your personal details taken.

Yep…Ontario will now be transformed into a Soviet-style police state, all in the name of public health.

Random stops are just the tip of the authoritarian spear as, in the video, Ford also announces that checkpoints will be set up across the province in order to effectively take down the details of citizens and their reasons for leaving their household.

Canadians don’t give up so easily

Luckily, the people of Ontario are not ill-informed about where these measures could lead to in the future after they comprehensively objected to all new restrictions that are due to be imposed.

As an added bonus, 39 of the 45 police agencies throughout Ontario have told the government to step back, declaring that they will not enforce unwarranted checks and Soviet-style checkpoints.

Without the backing of the police force, these new restrictions in Ontario are, thankfully, a dead letter.

However, the more worrying issue is how quickly the Canadian government, a strong ally of the United States, was willing to go to such extreme measures to stop the spread of a virus that has a 99% survival rate.

The levels of authoritarianism in the west are rising, a deeply concerning fact that must be addressed after the pandemic has reached a conclusion.