Over the last few months, Republicans, and even some Democrats, have been crying out to the Biden Administration to at least recognize their self-inflicted crisis that currently plagues the southern border.

Now, the majority of the country knows that President Joe Biden might not be the sharpest President in recent memory, however, he has finally, in public, admitted that there is a devastating crisis currently causing turmoil across the southern border and to her border states.

The moment Joe saw the light!

Biden recognized the present problem at the border for the first time ever on Saturday, when he described the events as a ‘crisis’ during a small gathering of reporters at the White House.

He stated that the administration was looking at increasing the number of refugees in the country before he publicly described the situation on the southern border as a crisis, which halted plans to up refugee intake. Hooray!

The President has finally seen the light and has admitted that there is an ongoing crisis at the southern border, a fact that members of his administration have been denying for the past two months.

Will Psaki and other members of the administration continue to ignore the situation and the sugarcoat humanitarian crisis affecting not only migrants but Americans as well?

Don’t forget about the denial!

Just last month, members of the Biden Administration were still in denial about the crisis that is devastating facilities across all border states.

The Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, stated last month that there was no crisis at the southern border and that the department had the necessary resources to deal with the ‘situation.’

He was able to say this with a straight face, despite the fact that a facility in Donna, Texas, has been operating at 729% of its intended capacity, holding a grand total of over 1,800 immigrants, instead of the intended 250!

What makes his statement even more of a joke is that, a week later, he was begging for volunteers to help out at the border with the ‘overwhelming’ number of migrants attempting to enter.

To make matters even worse for the administration, whether they chose to publicly acknowledge the issue or not, is turning a blind eye over the alleged sexual abuse of migrant children in a facility in San Antonio.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbot blames the Biden Administration for the ongoing crisis and abuse of children after they lifted numerous Trump orders which limited the number of migrants coming into the country.

Now that Biden has finally called things by their real names, we can all hope that his administration will actually do something about it, instead of playing the blame game against former President Donald Trump.