Internet Asked for Opinions Regarding $2,200 Broken Guitar

The internet is weighing in on a dad’s controversial demand that his babysitter replace a $2,200 guitar broken by his own 3-year-old child. The dad posted his story on the popular message board Reddit, asking users to weigh in on whether or not he is being unreasonable.

Back Story Behind Warped Guitar

According to the dad, he had to hire the babysitter at the last minute due to work emergencies for both him and his wife. While the parents were away, the babysitter stepped outside to take a 20-minute phone call, leaving the child unattended.

It was at this time that the child went down into the basement, moved a couch, and grabbed the guitar off of the wall.

The disgruntled dad pointed out that the 19-year-old babysitter had worked for them before and understood the house rules that the child was not allowed outside of the living room, playroom, and dining area.

Reddit Responds

The response to the post was decidedly mixed. While some users acknowledged that the babysitter should have known better to leave the child alone, others questioned the dad’s version of the events. These doubters expressed disbelief that a child of that age would be able to move a couch and destroy a guitar in that time period.

Questions Surrounding Guitar

The dad claims that he found his prized guitar with a warped neck. However, rather than fixing the neck, he wants to replace the entire guitar. His reasoning is that simply fixing the neck would devalue the guitar. As such, he is asking the babysitter to pony up with $2,200 and replace the guitar for him.