Making the Most Out of a Job Loss

Waz Mahmood has certainly made the most out of a bad situation. After losing his job as a trainer construction site manager due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he made lemonade out of lemons by chasing after a new income stream. His new job? Assembling IKEA furniture for people who shy away from those complicated instructions.

Seeing the Opportunity

Mahmood saw the opportunity when he realized that many families were using the pandemic downtime to refresh their homes with DIY home improvement projects. Additionally, many people saw their office jobs pivot to the telecommuting space, necessitating new office furniture. Enter Mahmood and his offer to take the hassle out of assembling IKEA furniture for others.

New Gig

Since launching his new gig, Mahmood has put together over 500 different types of IKEA furniture. He uses the app known as Airtasker to find the work. He had used the app as a side hustle prior to losing his full-time job. Once he was forced to lean on it more for cash, he soon realized that he could turn it into a full-time income stream.

Mahmood said that the job has provided him with an abundance of opportunities, including the ability to set his own hours and meet new people.

Despite getting a new full-time job back in his old industry, he is still using the IKEA gig to bring in some extra money for his family each month. He said that he truly enjoys putting the furniture together, making it a fun side hustle for him.