According to local reports, a migrant facility near Houston, Texas which held as many as 500 South and Central American migrant children has suddenly been shut down.

It appears that the Department of Heath and Human Services has ordered this abrupt closing and that the people at the old facility will be transferred somewhere else. HHS said that the children at this facility would be reunited either with family members or with “sponsors” as quickly as possible.

What’s even more strange is that the facility in question originally opened two weeks ago. HHS remains tight-lipped about exactly why the facility is closing, but local reports have it that a worker at the facility has died under mysterious and unknown circumstances.

The Mess at the Border Only Gets Worse

On Saturday, April 17, HHS released an official statement on the matter, saying, “Today, HHS announced that all of the children in HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) care at the Emergency Intake Site (EIS) for Unaccompanied Children at the National Association of Christian Churches site in Houston, Texas (NACC Houston) will be immediately unified with sponsors or transferred to an appropriate ORR facility.”

The fact that the statement gives no explanation at all for the facility’s sudden closure made people understandably suspicious.

Some digging reveals the following. Speaking to the AP, Caesar Espinosa, director of the immigrant advocacy group For Families and Their Education, revealed that there was an “incident” at the facility on the night of Friday, April 16.

The Houston Chronicle further reports that an adult staffer for HHS died at the facility that night, but precise details about how and why are scarce at this time, and HHS certainly isn’t saying anything.

Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas was quick to fly into damage control mode and claim that the worker died of a “medical emergency” that was unrelated either to the facility itself or to the people kept there. This is possible, but it doesn’t not explain the order to immediately shut down the facility.

No matter what the explanation is, it doesn’t look good. The worker could have died in any number of ways at that facility, but however it happened, it’s yet another indication of ghastly mismanagement of the border issue by the Biden Administration.

Perhaps, though, “mismanagement” is the wrong word. Biden’s Administration is filled to the brim with anti-white “woke” racial activists who want to change the demographic composition of the United States not only to help Democrats solidify their hold on power but because they consider white people to be inherently evil.

In a word, they wanted this.