Getting packages is exciting. Perhaps you’ve ordered a new TV or computer from Amazon that you’ve been wanting, or maybe you’ve got some furniture to make your home a more beautiful place. Or maybe someone has sent you a gift and you don’t expect any package to be coming at all.

Whatever it is you’ve ordered, a certain sense of excitement always accompanies the receipt of packages.

Some mailmen, however — whether out of boredom, incompetence, malice or their own perverse sense of fun — appear to get a weird kick out of ruining this feeling for people.

Here are some really odd deliveries that delivery drivers have made in weird, ridiculous, hilarious or just generally outrageous ways.

1. Old Baggage

Have you ever gotten a package delivered to you that was addressed to the previous occupant of your address? If it happens once, it can be a mild inconvenience but something that can perhaps be explained as an honest misunderstanding.

But imagine if this happens repeatedly. Imagine if the packages that keep coming to you are from your ex-spouse. Imagine if they keep coming to you, even well after the two of you have had an acrimonious divorce.

Well, one woman was fed up with her son being harassed in this way. She wrote a pointed message on a UPS slip telling the driver that her former daughter-in-law no longer lived there. The strongly worded message read, in part, “Stop sending her mail to my house. Stop! My son DIVORCED her!”

2. Advice to the Driver

It’s also annoying when a delivery driver attempts to leave your package at your home but discovers that you aren’t home, takes the package to the post office and leaves you a slip. Now, you have to take time out of your day to pick something up which should have just been delivered to you.

Even worse is when you are home but are simply unable to answer the door when the driver rings it. That’s why one man left a note on his door for his delivery driver: “FedEx Person: I need that package. SCREAM LIKE BLOODY MURDER!”

3. Funny Note

Another person tried leaving his delivery driver a funny note. Unfortunately, this person’s doorbell didn’t work, which made it all the easier for him to fail to notice when he had received a delivery. And so, to solve that problem, he simply taped a note to his door which read, “Bell doesn’t work. Shout, ‘Ding Dong!’ really loud!”