Derek Chauvin has been put on suicide watch after spending his first night in a maximum-security prison in Minnesota, having been convicted for the murder of George Floyd this week.

The jury in the 15-day trial, which was comprised of 2 white men, 4 white women, 3 black men, 1 black woman, and 2 interracial women, found the former police officer to be guilty on all three charges that were set against him after only 10 hours of deliberation.

The charges included; Second Degree Murder (the unintentional killing whilst committing a felony), Third Degree Murder (perpetrating an eminently dangerous act whilst evincing a depraved mind), and Second Degree Manslaughter (culpable negligence which created an unreasonable risk).

Chauvin left the court in handcuffs and faces a minimum sentence of 12 and a half years behind bars, however, his legal team is expected to formally submit their appeal in the coming days.

The days since…

Chauvin has now spent two days in his new home since the trial, and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself.

The MN Corrections Department released the first photo of Chauvin since his arrival at MCF-Oak Park Heights prison, a booking photo taken the morning after his first night behind bars.

The former police officer looks tired and weary in his orange jumpsuit, a frown decorating his face whilst his hair remains a mess.

He remains in prison after Judge Cahill ruled against his bail pending sentencing, which is due to take place in 8 weeks’ time.

The prosecution is pushing for the judge to consider ‘aggravating factors’ before sentencing Chauvin, requesting that he serves beyond the sentencing guidelines of a maximum of 40 years.

However, an appeal against the trial is expected to be submitted to the court in the coming days, with defense attorney Eric Nelson claiming that the massive media attention, coupled with the remarks made by many politicians, could have led to the jury being bias in their verdict.

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters traveled across state lines to join a Black Lives Matter protest in Brooklyn Center, where she made comments regarding the trial, including the fact that she believed Chauvin should be convicted of First Degree Murder.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, also made comments regarding the trial the day before a verdict was reached, giving the defense legitimate grounds to overturn the jury’s verdict.

For now, Chauvin will be spending his days in Minnesota’s only maximum-security prison, with the added bonus of being placed on suicide watch for his own protection against himself and other violent offenders inside.